Dry Ice Blasting Cleaning Technology

This is currently the most advanced cleaning process which is both environmentally friendly and fast. The dry ice blasting is an effective clean technology procedure for which we use solid carbon dioxide (CO2). It can be an economical alternative to the conventional surface cleaning procedures. The thermal-shock results the polluter substrate is disconnecting from the surface layer. It will not occur damage or wear on the surface. Won't be liquid residuum. The fallen dry dirt is simply removable.

Technology application area: oil industry equipments, buildings and facilities cleaning, electronics, printing industry and food industry cleaning projects, graffiti removal, machine cleaning, degreasing, air duct and heat exchanger cleaning, air-conditioning system cleaning.

During the cleaning process we often need scaffolding, but it is a great help for us that we have an Teupen LEO 15 GT tracked aerial work platform (working height: 15 m, basket load maximum: 200 kg, lateral reach: 6,40 m)

How does Dry Ice Blasting works?

- Technological result
The dry-ice is an transmitting material which is sublimate at room temperature. The only residuum is the fallen dry dirt which is cleanable by simple manual methods (e.g. sweeping).

- The Advantages of the Dry Ice Cleaning
Environmentally friendly technology. The dry ice is a non-toxic, natural substance, non-flammable, do not conduct electricity, only removes the dirt. In contrast to chemical procedures, there is no need storage and handle the destruction procedure of chemicals, solvents, and other hazardous substances.

- Dry Ice Blasting Efficiency
It enables fast surface cleaning. The hard-to-reach surfaces are easily and quick cleaned. The size of the dry ice blasting equipment is small, it's easy to transport and easy to move. The technology allows the drastic reduction of the outage time, and downtime, because most of the cases there is no need to disassembling the machines, producing equipments and components can stay assembled during the cleaning procedure. The reduction of downtime increases the production efficiency.

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