We offer full range of cleaning services.

Our cleaning service (mazout, bitumen, petroleum, diesel oil, benzine, etc.) is not cover only tanks and tank components cleaning, we clean the industrial units and equipments which serve the production (residual fuel oil recovery and sedimentation tanks, pump houses, halls, pipe tunnels, etc.), too. Usually we use the following three types of cleaning procedures:

- Mechanical Cleaning:
We are cleaning both over ground and under ground, as well as mobile and stable, vertical and horizontal tanks.

- Chemical Cleaning:
When the mechanical cleaning is not enough, then we use chemical solutions (e.g. for crude oil and bitumen derivatives, benzine and diesel products, and alcohol, acid and alkaline substances to remove). Our chemical cleaning service complies with the latest regulatory requirements for chemical cleaning, and the modern, environmentally conscious standards. Our employees are provided with the necessary special tools, protective equipments and clothing. We care of the transportation of the hazardous waste, and the destruction of the hazardous waste by an proper authorized company.

- Dry Ice Blasting:
This is currently the most advanced cleaning process which is both environmentally friendly and fast. The dry ice blasting is an effective clean technology procedure for which we use solid carbon dioxide (CO2). It can be an economical alternative to the conventional surface cleaning procedures.
The thermal-shock results the polluter substrate is disconnecting from the surface layer. It will not occur damage or wear on the surface. Won't be liquid residuum. The fallen dry dirt is simply removable.

For further information about the dry ice blasting technology please click here.

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