• Tank Cleaning

    Our main activity is installation, cleaning, repair, maintenance and testing of tanks for flammable liquids and melts, as well as hazardous material storage and tank associated fittings.

  • Repair and Maintenance

    Select the expertise. Our colleagues supervise, maintain, and service your capital equipments and storing facilities with our up to date machine stock.

    We undertake as quick as it possible the trouble-shooting, and the error-handling in cooperation with You.

  • Licence procedure

    We are qualified and certified company to manage your licence approval procedures.

  • Dry Ice Blasting

    The resulting thermal-shock causes that the dirt layer separates from the surface of the substrate. No damage will occur on the surface of the substrate.

    No liquid remains. Easy to clean: only the contaminants needs to be removed.

  • Tank Inspection

    Survey of hazardous, corrosive, toxic substances storage tank's condition and structural testing.