Welcome to the Bronti 99 Ltd.! I'm Ferenc Borsos the Managing Director of the Bronti 99 Ltd.

The Bronti 99 Ltd. is a Hungarian industrial cleaning and maintenance enterprise. This year our company celebrates the 15th birthday. We established our enterprise in Zalaegerszeg (in Hungary), in the premise of the MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas Company Plc. Zala Refinery in the middle of the '90, as B + B Cleaning Company. At first we cleaned only tanks. Later the growing Hungarian customer base and expanding activity requires the change, so in 1999 we established the Bronti 99 Ltd.

Our Services

Our Certificates

The permanently reinvested capital, the high-quality work slowly but surely created national recognition, and the possibility of the international expansion. We continuously develop and expand our machines to be able to provide our business partners with the up-to-date environmentally friendly technology. Together with my staff our main goal is our company's environmentally friendly modernisation. To reciprocate my team's commitment and efforts I always endeavour to create the best possible working conditions and it's continuous improvement. Now for 4 years we put new basis our company's development, and we established our own premise.

From the very beginning we aimed to provide to our clients with high-quality services. We fulfil the requirements of the European Union and we do environmentally friendly, economical and safety job to achieve recognition in the international market. The effectiveness of the improvements, and our works high-quality is evidence our business partner's satisfaction. Our key account partners are: the MOL Plc., the OMV Hungary Ltd., the Magyar Aszfalt Kft., the Euroaszfalt Kft., the Transtank Nemzetközi Tankautó Fuvarozási Kft., the STRABAG Építő Zrt., and Éder Zoltán individual entrepreneur.

Naturally we do not stop the development. We need the continuous renewal. We are constantly searching new innovative, environment friendly and up-to-date opportunities. Our motto is: "Think, Believe, Dream and Dare!"
We believe that cooperation with our business partners we achieve more success in Hungary and in the surrounding countries like Slovakia, Austria and Germany, too.