Our services

Tank techniques:
- External/Internal tank cleaning (mechanical and chemical cleaning, dry ice blasting)
- Tank inspection
- Heat exchangers cleaning, repair and maintenance works
- Design services, licence procedure, installation and demolition procedures
- Making tanks double walled
- Preparation vehicles for ADR periodical exams

- Trenching, recultivation, digging the foundation, demolition, concrete breaking, landscaping, drainage

Other categories:
- Oil industry's products processing equipments repair and maintenance
- Asphalt mixing plants repair, maintenance and cleaning
- Scaffolding
- Insulation
- Remediation services

Dry ice blasting:
- Cleaning the equipments and the buildings in the oil industry
- Cleaning projects in field of the electronics, printing industry and food industry
- Graffiti removal
- Machine cleaning, degreasing
- Air duct and heat exchanger cleaning, air-conditioning system cleaning